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Stone Mountain Woodworks located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We specialize in creating a quality cabinet for your essential Oils. It started with my wife's love for oils and the need to have them organized in a place that was also away from the kids. With over 15 years of woodworking under my belt I decided to find a solution, but also wanted something elegant to look at. Growing up in a house with fine furnishings, mostly oak and cherry amish grade furniture, I wanted something that would match that quality and appearance.

Cabinet Features

Why Buy from Us! Traditional Joinery, Handcrafted, Built to last a lifetime and locally harvested in North Carolina.

Miter Joints with Spline

We added some durability to the miter joint.  Because a miter joint are end grain on end grain, we add another piece of hardwood going the opposite direction of both the miters.

Solid Wood Construction

Solid wood construction is importing for a lasting piece that can be pass down generation to generation.  Instead of using plywood or veneer which is very thin and vulnerable, we use solid wood which can be sanded and redone incase of any unfortunate accidents.

Dado Joint for Shelves

Dado’s are as traditional and it gets, and still create one of the strongest  joint in woodworking.

Mortise and Tenon

We uses an extra mortise and tenon joinery on the door construction to help keep the door straight and stronger for a lifetime of use.

Forstner Holes

Using a forester bit you can accomplish a very clean inset for a secure fit for your oils.  This also allows to easily display and see all of your oils.

Custom Cabinet Options


Old Country

Beveled Panel with Bead board appearance.



Clean beveled panel.


Rustic Engraved

Engraved Glass Inserts

Online Store

We have both Pre-built Cabinets and Custom Cabinets for Sale. If you need a specific dimension, look, or layout please click the button below for a quote request. All product below are done and ready to be shipped to your house today!

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Other Projects

If you have other furniture needs, please contact me for design and quote.

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